Dentures & Partials West Seneca, NY

Do you have multiple teeth that need to be replaced? Full and partial dentures offer our West Seneca, NY patients an efficient and affordable option for full mouth rehabilitation. Each prosthesis is custom designed to help your smile look its best.

Do You Need a Full Denture?

Sometimes called “plates”, full dentures are an appliance that replaces all of your (upper or lower) teeth at one time. If you have any teeth that remain, they will need to be removed before wearing a denture is possible. You can select the shape and color of your new teeth, giving you an entirely new look that you feel proud of.

Partial Dentures

When you still have several healthy teeth that you’re able to preserve, partial dentures snap into place around them. Avoid unnecessary dental extractions while enhancing your existing level of oral health.

Implant Supported Dentures

Overdentures and implant retained dentures are a great alternative for West Seneca, NY patients who want a more secure denture design. Using 2-4 implants, we can affix your denture so that it’s permanently attached or removable, depending on your needs. With implants, your overdenture will fit comfortably all day long.

Broken Denture?

West Seneca Smiles is available when you have a denture emergency. If your appliance is broken or chipped, contact us right away. We also offer relines and adjustments, to keep your denture fitting properly as long as possible.

Denture Care

Removable dentures and partials should be taken out overnight and cleaned thoroughly each day to prevent infections or accelerated bone loss. Soak your appliance in lukewarm tap water with an effervescent cleansing tablet. In the morning, brush and rinse it thoroughly. Clean your mouth with a soft washcloth before wearing your denture again.

Have questions about which denture is right for you? Contact West Seneca Smiles today for a consultation.